—for Brandon de Wilde

Come back Shane—come back Alan Ladd!!!
Come back Shane—I need you to stay!!!
My mother loves you—really bad…
And so do I, Shane—I wanna get laid!!!

You rode up one day—to our dumpy ranch
Here out in the middle—the Wyoming sticks
You were a gunslinger—so cool & slick
All of us terrified by—the Jack Palance gang

The two-bit town—and evil saloon
Run by an evil crook—and his hired gun
How could homesteaders—beat such a thug?
Elisha Cook Jr.—got shot dead in the mud…

We didn’t know—where you came from
And we didn’t know—where you were going
But you stayed awhile—to help us survive
Killing the hired gun—an awful showdown!!!

Come back come back—Alan Ladd!!!
You were my Last Picture Show hero!!!
I wanna go out—like you did back then
And not drag it out—like Veronica Lake…

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