Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Taxi Boyfriend

Taxi Boyfriend

“You talkin' to me?”
—Robert De Niro,
Taxi Driver (1976)

“You said something to me?”
“No—I didn’t say nothing.”
“Yes, you said something.”

“No—I swear I didn’t.”
“Yeah, but you thought it”
I shrugged—how could I lie?

“I didn’t mean to,” I said.
“Yeah, you always say that.”
“Ah c’mon—gimme a break.”

“Yeah—I can read your lips.”
“But they weren’t moving.”
“Yeah—but your mind was.”

I always ended up—that way.
Shrugging—“Nevermind” but
I couldn’t get him off my mind.

How can I argue with you?
You’re so incorrigibly perfect.
Always so cynically cocky.

“I heard that”—he said.
We tried a little body language
It was—better than way!!!

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