Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Tongue Job

Tongue Job

He always had—this look on his face
As if something—“dirty” were going on
Smirking at me—expecting the worst
Which was the best—for me of course

He always had—this knowing smirk
Knowing me better than I knew myself
So that the more he smirked at me—
The more excited I got about him

He always had—something going on
Down there as usual—thuggish
Making him—seem vulnerable & sullen
Like a fallen angel—ahead of time

He always had—this bad attitude
Which of course—was entirely rude
But really pretty close—to how I felt
About him too—rude even ruder

He always had—these thin cruel lips
Pressed together tightly with a pout
Acting like he was always put upon—
Putting out like bored rough trade

He always had—me apologizing for it
First before making love—and then
Afterwards for forgiveness because
I took advantage of his maleness

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