Night of the Living Dead (1968)

Night of the Living Dead (1968)
—for Kathy Acker

I remember the corpses—outside the door
They were creeping around the house—dead
Dead like my brother—dead like “dead” dead

The corpses said—“You were born rich…
Rich, beautiful & smart—you little creep!!!
You came from a good family—let’s eat you!!!”

“Tonight, Barbara—we’re coming to get you!!!
It’s Night of the Living Dead, sweetheart…
Even creeps like you—taste succulent & tasty!!!”

I was so scared—and totally humiliated
Romero was such an insane tyrant director
I kept waiting—to wake up from the movie???

The only thing that matters—is staying alive
My brother is trying to get into the house
His dumb sad eyes—and bashed-in head!!!

All night long the zombies moaned & groaned
Starved for my pretty little pulsating pussy
I couldn’t stand it—cunnilingus à la crypt!!!

All the graveyards—turning into brothels
The Living Dead were surely going to get me
Ending up giving them—my most precious thing!!!

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