Saturday, August 8, 2009

Teenage Werewolf

Teenage Werewolf

“You see”—Dr. Bissell whispered
“You’re both—Little Red Riding Hood
As well as the—Big Bad Wolf…
That’s your curse—your destiny.”

The kid couldn’t—believe it
But it was true—it was the awful truth
He was hot-blooded—quick-tempered
Atavistic urges—lurked inside him

Beneath his skin—a werewolf waited
It was like—Doctor Jekyll & Mr. Hyde
Like An American Werewolf in London
Except he was Wolfboy—Hollywood High

Inside his shy—Red Riding Hood body
A monster of the night—was stirring
His young male hormones—pheromones
Were oozing him—into teen oblivion
“We’ve got to regress you all the way”
Dr. Bissell said—insinuating other things
All the way to where—all the way to when?
Michael hated feeling—like an Animal!!!

Bissell licked his chops—he couldn’t wait
He wanted to hypnotize—and drug him
All the way back—to pure male savagery
Starting with his pubes—so dainty hirsute

Lycanthropy was—the Ultimate S & M
Youthful sexy—Bondage & Deliverance
Whips and chains—sleek black leather
How Bissell loved—to whip the Wolf!!!

Maria Ouspenskya—the Gypsy Queen
She’d written the—book about it
“How to Live with a Werewolf Boy”
She’d found Bela Lugosi—in the woods

Raised by wolves—illiterate & savage
She’d raised the boy—all on her own
Using charms & magic—and lots of love
But Bela was cursed—no matter what

How many Lon Chaney’s—thru the ages
Bitten by werewolves—suffering cursed
The ones that survived—became nomads
Like the Gypsy band—she traveled with

Others with Bad Seed—suddenly Wolf
Like Tony Rivers—creeper cursed genes
His father Malcolm Atterbury—passing on
The werewolf curse—knowing but silent

“Wolfboy Can’t Help It”—that’s the name
of the You Tube clip—Bissell uploaded
With lurid soundtrack—by The Cramps
Pretty soon—Roger Corman contracts

How Tony Rivers—could scream & howl
It was just awful—but cool somehow
Letting it all hang out—the savage beast
$1,000,000 later—lovely LA gay couple...

So that once upon a time—sometimes
Ends up they lived happily ever after
Their devotion—fading into the sunset
No denouement—other than climaxing!!!

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