Sunday, August 9, 2009

Some haiku

midnight moon

“At midnight under
the bright moon a
secret worm digs
into a chestnut”

galloping gobsmacks—
there’s a secret worm inside
my little pea-brain

oozing slobgollions

“a sweet and unctuous duty!
squeeze! squeeze! squeeze!
all the morning long!!!”
—Herman Melville,
“A Squeeze Of The Hand,”
Moby Dick

my fingers like eels—
serpentine spiralized ooze
cumly cosmetic

miss havisham

“my hand is lady mori’s hand”
—Ikkyū Sōjun, translated by
Sam Hamill, The Poetry of Zen

i sent estella—
out to fetch little pip
for a game of cards

hart crane haiku

“O Stamboul Rose—
O coral Queen!”
—Hart Crane,
“Cutty Sark,” The Bridge

stamboul rose tattoo—
handsome brooklyn bridge night
such arching biceps

frankenstein haiku

“We belong dead”
—Boris Karloff, Bride
of Frankenstein

we taught—the monster
to forget—the land of death
yet he—was haunted

death déjà vu lives—
comes & goes—for us humans
but the monster—wept

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