Monday, July 6, 2009

Puss and Boots

Puss and Boots

Once upon a time—there was a Poet
The worst kind of Poet—who didn’t know it
Those are the worse—moody sullen Poets
A writer’s block—stuffing their Assholes

Constipated Poets—are full of shit
A kind of psychic—ennui often persists
Enter Puss & Boots—with his Magic Bag
Full of pills, laxatives—and stool softeners

Soon the Poet—who didn’t know it
Was clean as a whistle—and open to it
Soon he became—the new Poet Laureate
One of the most popular—in the Kingdom

The Poet opined—quite philosophically
Puss and Boots—the Muse of Possibility
These Literary Cats—can be helpful
For Poets in the know—dontchaknow?

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