Monday, July 6, 2009

Gay Poet Laureate

Gay Poet Laureate

WASHINGTON—Faggy Bottoms got all
Hot and bothered recently—by a FOX-News
Special on TV—about gay Poetry in the Beltway!!!

Senators got irate—Representatives bitched
Nothing could be worse—than revealing to the
USA the poesy problem—Fags in High Places!!!

What a horrible—subversive Soap Opera
It wasn’t your usual homosexual—Sex Ring
Or your Minneapolis Airport Bathroom sting!!!

It was more like—Beltway Poetry Amok!!!
Even in Massachusetts—liberal about gays
Gay Poetry—Tongues clucked & wagged!!!

Bringing up the—specter of American Closetry
The Portrait of Dorian Gray—there in the Attic
The Ultimate Public Shame—a gay Poet Laureate!!!

On the books—the Defense of Marriage Act
Plus Proposition Hate—Don't Ask Don't Tell
The same old roadblocks—to gay Equality!!!

Gay Poetry though—what an American Scandal!!!
It was bad enough—having Sapphic Lesbos
Dykes on Bikes—but the Library of Congress!!!

Having a faggot—for Poet Laureate
Presiding over—the American Posey Scene
For most straights—that was sheer Mendacity!!!
Actually though—the whole thing highly overrated
It was just a Tempest in a Teapot—since actually
Who reads Poetry anymore—who reads Anything?

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