Little Red Arnold Hood

Little Red Arnold Hood

Once upon a time—there was a cute young
Bodybuilder—named Little Red Arnold Hood
All the LA girls—all the Hollywood wolves
Were after him—Little Red Arnold Hood

“What a big Nose you’ve got”—the queens said
“Yeah and you’ll never get it”—Arnold said
“What big teeth you’ve got”—the whore said
Arnold simply smiled—he was no Fool

They all wanted some Action—can’t blame them
Little Red Arnold wasn’t Little—he was awfully Big
Stars were consulted—and Hollywood Confidential
Conan kept his secrets tho—Size Queens moaned

The King was desperate—to find a Lover Boy
He needed an heir—and a lucky Prince Charming
To rule his Kingdom—lovely rich El Dorado
And marry his daughter—and have kids too

Soon Little Red Arnold—married the Princess
Producing the heirs—the Kingdom needed
The King was pleased—and died in his sleep
Arnold became—the new CA Governator

Arnold Schwarzenegger—the brand new
Popular—Hollywood Ronald Reagan clone
Was ready when—California levitated out
Over the Pacific Ocean—an offshore Republic

Everybody knowing—what a Prize he was
Soon a long Line—of Redhead Muscle Boyz
Creating a Dynasty—most seminal indeed
Little Red Hoodlums—were here to stay
The Kingdom of El Dorado—Mexican Gold

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