The Governator

The Governator

“The job of Governator—
is not to wield power but to
draw attention away from it."
—Urban Dictionary

First Jesse Ventura—
Governator of Minnesota
Then Arnold Schwarzenegger
Governator of California
They’re the New Politicians

The Governators—perfectly
Well-built—cocky Cyborgs
Built like—Brick Shithouses
Who become—Planetary
Robot governors—USA

Arnold Schwarzenegger—the
Perfect example of Style over
Substance—evidence that
Politicians are—irrelevant
And ineffectual—that the real
Power is wielded—by bureaucrats
And corporate executives

Jesse Ventura—former Governator
Of Minnesota—deciding to return
To the world of professional wrestling
On the grounds that state politics is
No longer an honorable sport—

But rather a fake exercise in public
Entertainment—but isn’t that what
Professional wrestling is all about?
What could be more fake and
Show-biz than nude guyz wrestling?

Ventura and Schwarzenegger—
A series of nouveau riche Republican
Actor Republicans—like Ronald Reagan
Who spend their way into office—
Arnold married to Kennedy money

Proof that anyone—with name
Recognition and lots of airtime
Can be elected—if there’s lots
Of Moviegoers—and Cineastes
Willing to see Life—as Film?

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