Maria Ouspenskya

Maria Ouspenskya
—for Anne Sexton

Under my bed—pitch-black
She waits—and waits for me
Under my eyes—shadowed
From lack of sleep—she waits

Maria’s waiting—she’s waiting now
Madame Doppelganger—my sister
Madame Doppelganger—my lover
Why are Doubles—so subversive?

When the truth—spills out
Like a can of beans—Maria laughs
She hangs up the phone—Sorry
Wrong number—she tells them

When someone—makes love or
Flushes the toilet—she smirks
My other—she puts on a cocktail dress
Then pretends—she’s the real me

When I prick my finger—she kisses it
Maria laughs—when I’m serious
She’s glum—when I’m gay
She's gay—when I'm glum

Her otherness—makes her clairvoyant
She can read my mind—my thoughts
She wants me—to become her
But wouldn’t that—end our dialog?

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