The Late Show

The Late Show

“The moon has come back
into my poems”
—David Trinidad
“Crack of old ice,”
The Late Show

Fay Helm—in the middle
Of having Bela Lugosi do her
Fortune, Tarot cards & Palms
Bursts into tears—brushing
Aside her—wolfbane bouquet
Standing up—suddenly after
Seeing a deadly pentagram
There on Lugosi’s forehead

Bela Lugosi—stoned worst than
Alan Ladd—or Michael Jackson
Getting that headache—as the
Full moon shines down—thru
The evil Black Woode canopy—
Bela in gypsy drag—bandana
Crescent earrings—what’s in
That pipe—he’s smoking?

Evelyn Ankers—Lon Chaney
Flirting in the—darke woods
Outside the—gypsy camp
Hearing Helms—scream out
It’s Lugosi—werewolf killer
Driven mad—by full moonlight
Gnawing on Helm’s—dead body
Especially her—pouty pussy

Lon Chaney Jr—finally himself
Playing the Wolf Man—so campy
Famous Universal—movie star
No longer held back by his
Disapproving father—Browning
Lon Chaney Senior—silent film
King Pins of the Thirties—think
Freaks, Dracula—Horror classics

Evelyn and Lon—actually loathing
Each other—her monster movie
Scream queen roles—like pulp
Fiction to her—her new dressing
Room—used by Lon Chaney and
Broderick Crawford—for boozy
Binges and Wrestling matches—
Furniture hanging—from ceiling

Louise Allbritton—wealthy Southern
Plantation heiress—slightly dizzy
Even more dizzy—after Count
Alucard brings—her back from the
Land of Dead Doornails—down under
Her interest in the—‘40s Occult
Apropos for the—Weird Times
Deep South death—Bayou romance

Samuel Arkoff’s—Sexploitation Inc
Opened up by—all those Drive-Ins
And Baby Boomers—with Wheels
Passionate Snake Pits—across USA
I Was a Teenage—Drive-In Sex-Fiend
Adolescent erotics—plus Horror Flicks
Perfect movies—for Perfect Storms
Across America—America dreamed

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