Great Gay Expectations

Great Gay Expectations

“I saw the horror
on his face”
—Carol Anne Duffy
“Mrs. Lazarus,”
The World’s Wife

She’s not good—at debate
Even tho she—did get her
Ruby in her—debate pin
Way back—in high school

She’d much—rather kvetch
And schmooze—her way
Dishy like—Dido Merwin
Trashy like—Sylvia Plath

She was—so good at it
The best part of—Bitter Fame
All about Ariel—authoress
Her head—stuck in an oven

To tell the truth—my dear
She’s rather—transgressive
She prefers—Miss Havisham
With her—lovely sob story

Great Expectations—a Lie
Just ask—cute Pip
Estelle—such a downer
Love = Great Disappointments

Lucky—Miss Havisham
Better to be—stood up
Than end up—a widow
Like poor—Mrs. Lazarus

From the—stinky grave
Stench—of rotting husband
Moist—and rather mildewy

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