The Fag Who Wasn’t There

The Fag Who Wasn’t There

“I learnt the
Stations of
—Carol Anne Duffy
“Mrs. Lazarus,”
The World’s Wife

I look at—elderly lesbians
They’re usually not—blue-rinse queens

I look at—elderly gays
They’re not usually—tres gay

Especially—gay widows
And lesbian—widowers

Done in by—DOMA
Done in by—Proposition Hate

Done in by—the lucky 10,000
Who didn’t—register late

My lover died—before the List
Was even born—on the Books

Who advocates—us GLBT wrinklies?
Hardly AARP—or SSI, honey

Nothing’s—quite as lonely
As the fag—who wasn’t there

I should know—I was there then
I’m here now—tell me something new

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