I Kissed Dorian Gray

I Kissed Dorian Gray
—for Katy Perry

I kissed Dorian—and I liked it
The taste of his—cherry lipstick
I kissed Dorian—just to try it
I hope Lord Henry—doesn’t mind it
It felt so wrong—it felt so right
Don't mean I'm—in love tonight
I kissed Dorian—and I liked it, I liked it
No I didn’t even—know his name
It doesn't matter—it’s just human nature
It's not what good guys do—I couldn’t help it
Down in that opium dive—in Whitechappel
I got tattooed by—a bunch of queens
My head got confused—I let them do me
I kissed Dorian—and I liked it, I liked it

Dorian was so magical—red lips so kissable
Hard to resist—so exquisitely touchable
Too good to deny—too bad to be innocent
He showed me his portrait—up in the attic
Then I understood—why he was so coy
He called it his—Black Cat Curse
Basil and Lord Henry—were up there too

I never planned it this way—I got so brave
Drink in hand—I lost my discretion
It's not what I'm used to—being a sailorboy
Just wanted to try him out—and get high
I was curious—he caught my attention
Now I’m here—posing in the portrait
With the other—Faustian fauxmosexuals



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