A Fairy Tale

A Fairy Tale

“Oh Grandmother!!!”—she says.
Miss Eliot—as Little Miss Riding Hood
“I simply can’t—I shan’t look at it!!!”
“What a big Nose—you’ve got Ted!!!”

Ted’s huge Snozzola—fills the room
He’s the new—Farber & Farber poet!!!
There in the Gigolo Pit—of British Lit.
Wolfish, ruthless—sneeringly proud

Ambitious Yorkshire—Hunky Stud
Poet Hustler—Wolf among Lambs
Ted’s Snout—bristling with nose hair
Sniffing out—the queenly equipage

Three limp wristed—Red Riding Hoods
Miss Eliot, Miss Auden—Miss Spender
Plus Valerie Eliot—sizing up the Carnality
London Full Moon—Stench of Wolfbane

Maria Ouspenskya—shakes her head
Old Gypsy Witch—she’s seen it before
Lon Chaney Jr—into Wolfman drag
Evelyn Ankers—she likes rough trade

So does Valerie Eliot—needs it bad
Miss Auden miffed—slapping her wrist
“Now Valerie”—let’s not get greedy.”
Everybody wants—a piece of the action.

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