The Bitch Goddess

The Bitch Goddess

“the high priestess of
the confessional poem”
—Webster Schott,
The Cult of Plath

The Bitch Goddess—she’s here!!!
She’s in all of us—especially men
Women are—more honest about it.
Olwyn Hughes—Dido Merwin
Anne Stevenson—Janet Badia

Their exquisite—serpentine bouffants
Writing in purest—jealousy and hate
So refreshing—rather than Caliban clones
Ted Hughes, Irving Howe, Liz Wurtzel

The Dark Goddess inside us—closeted
Like Frieda Hughes’ painting—“Medusa”
Talk about—mythological whore story
Let me ask you—a question, my dears.

What’s the Medusa—staring at?
A copy of Ariel—new unabridged?
Or maybe—a tiny little pocket mirror?
Freezing her coiffure—forever?

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