Cleaving The New York Times

Ode to the Old Grey Lady

“Speaking of ephemeral archives,
it appears that the NYTimes Book
Forum has permanently rendered
its service temporarily unavailable”

The Old Grey Lady—ain’t what
She used to be—that’s for sure
Like Edith Wharton’s House of
Mirth—the slow fading away
Of the Gilded Age of Publishing

I guess The Readers Group—
Went through several face-lifts
Reincarnations & sex-changes
Before I showed up during
Nabokov’s Pale Fire—then

Lolita & Camille Paglia’s BBB—
Too much for the Old Grey Lady
Though & she ditched us all—
Keeping tacky Opera Queans
And Crossword Puzzle junkies…

Now the left-over crumbs of
The archives—gone like the
White House emails & 2004
Election wiretapping deals—
Scandal suppressed…

The NYTimes—certainly
Does what the dirty Old Lady
Says to do & as Walter Cronkite
Would say, my dear—“And
You were there, baby!!!”

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