Cleaving Bad Seed

BAD SEED (1956)

“A Woman’s Shame—Out in the Open”

Mommy Dearest—was a Nympho
And I was a little—Nymphomaniac too!!!
Bad Seed was—my mother’s Hidden Shame
Everybody in Zillah—knew the Awful Truth!!!

Even Godzilla—in front of the Zillah Church
Knew I was Bad Seed—just like Mommy Dearest
I had lots of it too—it was my hidden Shame
And I wanted more of it—just like she did!!!

It flowed thru both of us—like a stinky sewer
I could always feel it—flowing down there
She couldn’t help it tho—I couldn’t either
She had a Nympho Pussy—I had Pussy Lips

I had the Hots—for her Boyfriends
During her divorces—in-between marriages
I was cute & sexy—just like Mommy Dearest
Way back then—in the seventh grade I was hot

My glands & hormones—just wouldn’t quit
I was such a little whore—I couldn’t help it
When she went out—for a pack of Winston’s
And maybe a six-pack or two—of cold Coors

I’d weasel my way—into bed with her Tricks
It was shameless—I was such Trailer Trash
Her Boyfriends were hot—and so was I
They were easy—Easy as Apple Pie

Lots of Orchards—and Vineyards
Down there in Zillah—Playing my Zither
I was like Harry Slime—The Third Man fag
Way down there—in those Viennese sewers

Zillah boyz were Easy—Easy as Ouzo
They were quite Suckable—no Doubt about it
When I winked my Evil Eye—Wetting my Lips
They’d do Mommy first—I‘d get Sloppy Seconds!

Way back then when—I was Chicken Little
The Sky was always falling—Murder Most Foul!
I was always crying out—“Big Bad Wolf!!!
Foolish little me—Down on my knees

Zillah WA—so full of young Lizard Love
Snake Pit Slithering Desires—how I gagged
All I could feel—was what Mommy Dearest felt
All I knew—was what Mommy Dearest knew

The motherf*cker desires—of young men
Who saw my Mother in me—and wanted me
Just as bad or worse—as I wanted them
My innocent cute Looks—Up For Sale!!!

Guys used to ask me—why I was queer
I told them—well, it’s pretty simple
I told them I was like—Mommy Dearest
She liked Men—and Men liked her!!

She was cute—a cute Redhead
I was her Progeny—from a Quickie Marriage
A Shotgun Marriage—bearing Fatal Fruit!
Who would’ve known—I’d end up this way?

How much Zillah—went down the Drain
How much precious Offspring—Smeared my Lips!
Everytime they made Love—it really Hurt Bad
You only Hurt—the One You Love…

Bad Seed was Bad—it got w
Bad Seed made—Safe SA
Tainted Love—made Tricking Risky
Tainted Love—downright Tricky Dickie…

The Hot Stuff—my mother liked
I liked the Hot Stuff too—but with rubbers
Safe sex with young guys—got serious
Barebacking was out—Trojans were in

Zillah was still Hot—Zillah was still Cool
Everyday I went to Church—I prayed for me
Jaysus christ—that little Town was Dizzy!
Praise Godzilla—Praise Teen Zillah Zits!

Pop goes the Weasel—Pop the Pimples too
Praise sacred Zillah—Praise Godzilla too
Praise the Zillah Dairy Queen—Oh Holy Cow!
Praise the Little Curly-Cue—at the Creamy Tip!

Gimme more—Jurassic Love, baby
We slutty Baby Boomers—were Fading fast
We had it Easy—The Eisenhower Fifties
That was then—it’s Neocon now, baby…

Oozing out of the wainscoting—Bad Seed
Another Bad Time Depression—coming down?
Can’t blame Nixon—any more I guess
How about Reagan—and the next gang?

Zillah was such a—nice town back then
The Eisenhower Fifties—us slutty Baby Boomers
My parent’s generation—making up for lost time
After the Depression—after World War Two

Poor McSame—another rich boy POTUS
Poor Palin the Barracuda—Miss Mad Mukluk
Even revved up another—Hurricane from Hell
C’mon Elmer Gantry—C’mon New Orleans

Everybody knows—the truth about Love…
Love is the Morning—and Evening Star!!!
Love is What Makes—The World Go Around
Love makes Fools of us All—Every Time?

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