Cleaving borges / pessoa / saramago

Daniel Santa-Clara

“The outer world exists
like an actor on a stage
it’s there but it is
something else”
—Fernando Pessoa,
The Book of Disquietude

She feels like—she’s an actress
An actress—in a movie
What movie—what actress?
Oh, who cares—it doesn’t matter

Let’s get back to—the literary life
You mean, my dear—gay pulp fiction?
Yes, my dear—the story of my life
Pulp Fiction—an Ace double novel

Sci-fi paperbacks—‘50s thrillers
True Detective Stories—those covers!
True Confessions—those cheesy ads!
How exquisitely—campy she said…

Remember back when—you & me
Upside-down—making love way
Back when—meeting each other
Bored cruising—Rexall Drugstore?

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