Cleaving borges / pessoa / saramago

Daniel Santa-Clara

“Literature that I have
created and lived”
—Fernando Pessoa,
The Book of Disquietude

So it is—with you and me
We’re both thinking—about each other
So why not—discuss it while we’re
Here in the—authorial Aether

This Blogosphere—labyrinthine
Full of Borgesian—bourgeois delights
We’re doing it—she says to me
With a smile—maybe it’s doing us

Tact with attitude—testing me
Her purpose—to weave us both
Together thru time—continuously
Listening responding—spontaneously

A doppelganger—drag act
Doing dialog—heteronymically
Like Saramago—doing Pessoa
Lyric—into dramatic poetry

So that we can—know each other
Seeing thru—each other’s eyes
Performing—transgressive Text
Subversive stanzas—stealth…

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