Monday, December 22, 2008

Tertuliano Máximus Afonso

Tertuliano Máximus Afonso

“Tertuliano Máximus Afonso
felt his penis grow hard,
unsatisfied again.”
—Jóse Saramago,
The Double

Suddenly—it seemed
He’d reached—the end of the road
He was dreaming—but didn’t know it
An anxious immediacy—seizing him
Violently awake—a Wetdream!!!

There with Helena—next to him
The whole bedroom—a slithering orgasm
She clutched his hand—kissed him
Holding him tightly—as he lost it
Curving his stomach—Nocturnal Emission!!!

Not since boyhood—had he creamed this way
Totally spontaneously—chicken child idiot
Squirting his brains out—like an adolescent
Each splurge—a douchebag of desire
Echoing from down deep—his darkest manhood

Oozing up from some—subterranean abyss
Tertuliano closing his eyes—embarrassed
Helena shocked—amazed by her husband
Was he dreaming—of beautiful mermaids?
Riding the waves—beneath the cliffs?

Such spontaneity—wasn’t like him
Her husband—never much of a Romeo
But what should one expect—from a professor
Was he having an affair—with some student?
He’d been so very tense—and moody lately

Helena—his beautiful wife
Leaving the intimacy—of the bedroom
Still redolent—with love’s surprise visit
Fixing breakfast—making coffee
But Tertuliano—laid there in bed

Thinking, thinking—thinking some more
What paradoxical—perplexing thoughts
Impudently pleased—witness to it all
Dreaming about—António Claro his twin
Claro’s strength—his flesh, his hands

Helena could never know—the awful truth
The sordid side—the prodigious prick
These two men—identical in every way
Down to the birthmark—on their thighs
The scars of accidents—on their knees

Everything identical—paradoxically twinned
Except for one thing—Claro was more hung
Claro was more manly—doubly endowed
Tertuliano was amazed—shamelessly jealous
Claro would always—please Maria better

Better than Tertuliano could—no matter what
Claro’s penis—twice the size of Tertuliano
Twice as thick—twice as big and comely
Claro had 12 inches—what a quirk of fate
To be perfectly Double—yet twice as dicked!!!

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