Cleaving borges / pessoa / saramago

Daniel Santa-Clara

“immediately recognizable”
—José Saramago
The Double

My dear Double—how can I forget
There’s you—what more is there?
I’ll send you a dream—how’s that sound?
Then you send me yours—okay?

Let’s pretend—we’ve never met
Which is the truth—except in dreams
I may be the older twin—it may be you?
Somehow, well—you discovered me

That surely counts—for something
Aren’t all doubles—aware of themselves?
I didn’t know—I had a doppelganger
Until one day—you popped up

The tricks Borges—went thru, my dear
The games he played—with his doubles
Lucid dreams—sitting on benches
There in Cambridge—Massachusetts

Interrogating them—by the river
Dialoguing with them—his oneiric double
Trying to find out—was his twin fiction?
Or was Borges—the Other’s dream?

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