Blade (1998)

—for Udo Kier
as Vampire Elder Dragonetti

“It’s not politically correct—
For Vampires to be pushy”
Cautions Udo Kier…

”Me an imbecile? Listen you old Queen,”— Deacon Dorff snipes back—as Snipes let’s him see it… “I need 12 inches” Dorff says—“And I think I’ve found them Gimme some serum, stud…” Kris Kristofferson Blade a Buddy Film with Fangs… “Let’s play a Game of 20 Questions”—Pointing to the computer screen… “Okay, like what’s this?” The Text on the Screen— Scrolling down hieroglyphically Reiterating ratcheting up Fear… “Know any Krell?” Udo says— “Maybe Klaatu barada nikto? Know what I think?”—“You’re a vampire,” Snipes says. “So what?” “Like Me…” “Your safety’s off” Dorff says—“Your silver hollowpoint garlic bullets Can’t protect you now, stud.” The Temple of Eternal Night—It waits for Le Mangra the Blood God—Hollywood’s latest version of The End… Burned-out Hell’s Angel Whistler— Played by burned-out endowments… “Looks like your mascara’s running”— Snipes says as Brad feels him up—Admiring the moody Blood God…” “It’s just sunscreen”— Deacon Dorff says casually Licking his lips for the real Thing… “So pouty,” says Miss Dorff— “So much more virile than the usual dead vampire tricks…” “Their worse kinda doubt you’d be killer…” Furious Deacon Dorff gets even— Lets Udo fry on the beach Sunrise LA goodbye… Blade’s blood is the Key—The Genealogy of Doom rests Down there in his Loins… Miss Dorff has a wicked tongue— “Still playing Human?” he says Checking out Snipes’ making treaties with them…” “C’mon, you old queen Vamp”—“For suck’s sake, these people are Our food not our allies…” “Well, my dear,” Udo says—“You don’t look very much like The top of the Feeding Chain…” “Plus you’re not pureblood”—And with the Blood God coming I’d wanna be invisible”—Vampire Elder Dragonetti Advises petulant Miss Dorff… “You may wake up one day—and find yourself extinct,” Deacon Frost sneers at Udo… “I was born a Vampire”—Scolds Elder Dragonetti “And you merely turned…” “Forget discretion,” Dorff says— “We should be ruling humans…”

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