Son of Dracula

Son of Dracula (1943)

—for Adeline De Walt Reynolds
(as Queen Zimba)

Madame Zimba knows—
Swamp Witch in my fav flick
Son of Dracula (1943)…

Thru swamp-gas darkness… Living-dead Louise Allbritton & me—Waiting on the embankment for Lon’s suave Transylvanian attentions… places… Off I go to see— Adeline DeWalt Reynolds for some tea-leaf advice… Clairvoyant Love is what I need—Lon Chaney Jr. glides slowly toward me thru Darkness… When Men-problems—Plague me during the night here on the lonely Plantation? Poor Evelyn Ankers—Distraught Louisiana queen—mildewing in the wrong moonlight—she craves something… When the magnolias get weepy—When honeysuckle woos the Swamp Women— Where would I be without Zimba? To guide Ladies of the Eternal Night… They can see me—here tonight… They can see me on my verandah… when the bougainvillea—groans in the pale imperceptible moonlight—Sliding into Now without even Noticing Flashback deluxe… Gaze into the Moment—See into the Past… Madame Zimba knows—And so does Lady Ouspenskaya… Tenses are illusionary, my dears—Present participles are nice for drag… deep into Past Palest delicate Pluperfect I go… The trick is being Now

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