Mirror, Mirror On the Wall

Finding salvation in FOX-News Propaganda—embedding herself in Neocon Nincompoopery? Such is the gift she gave us last night—Ending eight years of Postmodern Republican Slavery… Slaves? Are we not all Slaves to the System—as surely as we are African-American slaves? Emily Dickinson withdrawing to Amherst—sick of the Gilded Age glutting itself Westward? Screwing the land vaguely realizing itself—into tacky, unstoried, snarky Soap Opera outright… The dirty deed of slavery the many deeds of war—Killing us before we can find who we are… Withholding us from the Land of the Living—Turning us all into Night of the Living thru— French & Indian Wars, Civil War, 2 World Wars… Korea, Viet Nam, Desert Storm, Iraq—Each war with a new Bozo Baron class of creeps. Railroad, Steel & now the Oil Barons—Turning us all into Slaves for Colonel Sanders Inc. Here we are again with another King George—Possessed by an even worse neo-postcolonialism. Are we not now more possessed than before—something’s making us weak? Think about all the wars we’ve been in—since Massachusetts & Virginia. While we were England's, still colonial slaves. We were all Slaves to the System then—Possessed just as much as they were possessed. We were possessed by mad King George—They were possessed by Slavery outright. It was our gift to them—They were like the land we thought we owned. We owned them for more than 3 hundred years—Before they were a free people like us. But are any of us Free?

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