S=N=A=R=K Planet

S=N=A=R=K Planet (2008)

“A stunning LangPo sci-fi thriller”
—The New York Times

“Press this quickly
and if it jerks who
knows who’ll find it
suiter than a bend…
and toggle stare?”
—Charles Bernstein,
Lachrymose Encaustic /
Abrasive Tear

In this nightmare vision—
Of the Future, Heterosexuality
Is Outlawed. It’s either—
Be Queer or Be Dead…

A few squeak by—
Bisexuals, Transsexuals,
But they don’t survive
Very long either.

After tacky WW III—
Only a few Underground
Cities survive. Bunker
Bombs get the rest.

Sebastian Snark—
The Atomic Dictator’s
Smart-alecky nephew
Was on a secret mission.

Playing incognito—
Recruiting cute young
Ex-breeders from the
Las Vegas Mob.

Those Nevada Lesbians—
Were serious dykes
Beneath the casinos
They kept pet Hets.

Snark’s cruel uncle—
The Baron Liberace
Had sent Sebastian
On a desperate mission.

Besides Las Vegas—
The only other City left
Was Poughkeepsie East
Run by the Porky Pig Gang.

Vast undergrad tunnels—
Full of Freshmen Breeders
Genetically Engineered
For Kept Boys Inc.

But there was a Revolt—
A plot of Interplanetary Intrigue
Emanating from Las Vegas
The Dyke Mob was pissed.

The Octopus Queen—
Lesbian Dominatrix Diva
Had decided to get rid of
All Earthmen once & for all.

Too long had Gaia—
Been plagued with butchy
Greeks, Romans, John Waynes.
Time for the Killer Klones!!!

Sebastian’s Mission Impossible—
To squash the Rebellion & to
Untangle the Tentacles of the
Octopus Queen’s Treachery!!!

NEXT: Chapter Two of the
Bijou Sat Matinee Thriller
"Breeders Strike Back!!!”

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