I Was A Teenage Werewolf II

I Was a Teenage Werewolf (1957) II

Talk about alienated and disaffected!

Suddenly I was howling in the Jurassic moonlight. What would Miss Rothenberg say!?! And the esteemed Clayton Eshleman—the Queen Bee of Lascaux!?!

“the moon rises
and in the night the boy keeps
his eyes wide open
and unfocused”
—Horatio Costa,
“The Boy and the Pillow,”
(from the Portuguese)
Sulfur #36

I kept hearing depraved barking sounds—they were coming from me! Right in the middle of gym-class—I suddenly pulled all my clothes off and began swaying exophorically (outwardly) under the ghostly skylights. I started homoerotically reverberating backwards and forward—in a strange werewolfish anaphoric and cataphoric Trance.

“loose desires
boarded against his
will / By the long
urging of the afternoon”
—Thom Gunn
“The Allegory of the Wolf
Boy,” The Sense of Movement

TEENage wolfBOY PERforMANCE readily allows FOR stressing promotING unstressed syllaBLEs Including hoWLS, snaRLINGS, growLINGS once heard are Then carried over by readers into their oWN reAd8ng of tHE teXT.

Let me stress that, as with many things I’m discussing here in the context of performance depends on close listening to the Teenage Werewolf written text of the poem, as in Stein’s aptly titled prose-format poem “How to Write.”

After much howling, gnashing of teeth, pulling of hair—I plunged into a kind of fuzzy prosodics like a moirĂ© pattern. It was an exhilarating multivocality—of many clairvoyant dialogic dimensions. Thanks to my new Teenage Wolfboy Animalady!!!


Michael Landon—Tony Rivers (The Teenage Werewolf)
Yvonne Fedderson—Arlene Logan (as Yvonne Lime)
Whit Bissell—Dr. Alfred Brandon
Barney Phillips—Det. Sgt. Donovan
Ken Miller—Vic (the bongo player)Cynthia Chenault—Pearl, Vic's Girl (as Cindy Robbins)

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