I Was A Teenage Werewolf

I Was a Teenage Werewolf (1957)

“Turn your eyes inside
and dig the vacuum.
Tomorrow, DRAG!!!”
Phillipa Fallon,
—“High School Drag,”
High School Confidential

Speaking of D=R=A=G and—
Transgressive LangPo Poetics…
I had the most incredible insight
Into Hollywood camp Fifties movies
Today thinking about my sordid
Past life as an American teenager.

As you know, I Was a Teenage Werewolf is about a troubled teenager who seeks help through hypnotherapy, only to have his evil doctor use him for regression experiments that transform him into a salivating, sex-starved, rampaging young werewolf!!!

Even before I sought out Dr. Brandon for help—I knew something was terribly wrong with me. I wasn’t a normal red-blooded All American Boy.

I had problems—severe transgressive subversive unnatural problems. Nobody knew my secret—nobody except like Everybody in school...

You see, I was cursed and afflicted and horribly diseased. I was a Teenage LangPo Poet—who didn’t know it!!!

My big mistake—was trusting Whit Bissell (Dr. Alfred Brandon). I went to him for desperately needed help— instead I got used and abused.

Dr. Hugo Wagner: “But you're sacrificing a human life!”

Dr. Alfred Brandon: “Do you cry over a guinea pig? This boy is a free police case. We're probably saving him from the gas chamber.”

Dr. Hugo Wagner: “But the boy is so young, the transformation horrible…”

Dr. Alfred Brandon: “And you call yourself a scientist! That's why you've never been more than an assistant.”

I always had the strange feeling—of being afflicted with weird disjunctive ideolectical desires and a strange craving for violent vernacular heteroglossia. I always felt moody and modernist—full of primitive vortical prosodic forces torquing my pink melon joy and making me lift belly.

Dr. Alfred Brandon: “I'm going to TRANSFORM him, and unleash the savage instincts that lie hidden within... and then I'll be judged the benefactor. Mankind is on the verge of destroying itself. The only hope for the human race is to hurl it back into its primitive norm, to start all over again. What's one life compared to such a triumph?”

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