You're So Cute

—for Elliot Darrow

What if you told me God is gay?

I’d yawn & say what else is new?

The latest revelation being that…

Icon artist Norman Rockwell is gay too

Ho-hum, I say to myself, my dears

Actually I prefer a more exclusive

Clique of fags to be my friends

Me and my fag hags will do fine

I’ve never been particularly

Into circle-jerks, gang-bangs

Or tacky kitschy nightclub scenes

Call me Miss Havisham I guess

I’d known quite a few young and

Handsome Bible-Belter boyfriends

Snake-handling holy-rollin' types

I suppose it’s possible God is gay

I mean think about the book of Genesis

In the beginning God created it all

And it wasn’t just good, it was fabulous

Truly an inspired Interior Decorator!

And what about that Garden of Eden

Designed surely by a queer divine eye 

For the straight guy with Maple Leaf

Surely not a drag queen abomination?

Maybe Mary was a lesbian

I dunno know I don’t really care

I’ve experienced some virgin births too

But always with the safe sex method

I guess we’re all homo maybe

After all we’re just homo sapiens

Here on this lovely little blue jewel

Our Planet of the Apes


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