Rock N Roll Frankenstein


“You stole Liberace’s schlong!”

“I’ve been havin’ unnatural urges”

“I’ve got me the boner blues”

“My bald-headed boner wants to
stick it in a man’s bunghole!!!”

“I think the King’s a fuckin’ poof”

“A classic case denial”

Talk about queering—
Midnight Horror movies
More like whoring, my dear

What would she say—
Old Queen at the Movies
Such a tres trashy trailer

Things get really bad—
When the head of Elvis
Gets resurrected and

Mistakenly transplanted—
Along with Miss Liberace’s
Love tool into the mix

Things get kinda schizo—
Between the Monster and
His rock & roll privates

All because a music agent—
His necrophiliac nephew &
A burnt-out roadie have a

Knack for grave-robbing—
And sure enough, honey,
Las Vegas Rocks N Rolls!!!

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