Did Heterosexuality Kill Off The Dinosaurs?


Yes, god created dinosaurs—
On that fateful 6th day of creation
That’s what the Bible says

I think we all agree that—
Reproduction is impossible without
Breeder Heterosexuality 

Often the male penis is—
Referred to as a well-hung
Behemoth, symbolic of sex

Dinosaurs and dicks—
Have a lot in common since
It takes two to Tango

One thing’s for sure—
Breeders breed like crazy
Just like the birds and bees

Breeders and dinosaurs—
Have always lived a life of
Primitive prehistoric violence

Breeders are serial killers—
Worse than Tyrannosaurus Rex
Just look at “Jurassic Park”

Isn't it more reasonable and—
Logical that dinosaurs died off 
Fucking themselves crazy?

Until there wasn’t a crumb—
Left to eat on Planet Earth
So they died of starvation?

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