Samuel Beckett


“I love you terrible
I want you terrible”
— Samuel Beckett
More Pricks Than Kicks

Dickie my own beloved 
Always and forever mine!!!
Tears! Tears! Tears!

I’ve been crying bitterly—
Desperately for a Facial
Oh!!! your hot cum-splats!!!

Tears rolling down—
My face, but I’d rather
Have your cumly drools

Oh, the pain and tears—
Some things don’t change
Like cumquats & quickies

I need you terribly, Dickie—
My hands & lips & breasts
Please come home to me!!!

Which is greater—
The pain of being away
Or the pain of your Dickie?

I suppose last is greater—
The thought of you beating
Your meat drives me mad

Simply miserable for it—
Fuck the hugging and the
Kissing, I need the big one!!!

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