Wednesday, August 28, 2013



[The doorbell rings]

Danny: Hi there, folks. Nobody answered the doorbell. But I could hear everybody having a good time in inside, so I decided just to say VIOLA!

Martha: Danny, dearest! Just look at you now! Why, my dear, you haven’t changed one little teensy weensy bit, my little honey child.

George: Well, well… look what the cat dragged in. Here we go again. Fasten your seatbelts, my dears. It’s gonna be a bumpy night.

Martha: And to think, dearest Danny, you’ve only been gone for a year? It seems like just yesterday! When we stuffed you in the Nut House?

Danny: Hello, Mommy Dearest. And you too, Big Daddy. Like I’ve come back for a little unfinished business after a year in the Loony Tune House.

George: Try and Martha will beat you to the punch. She’s got a .45 in her purse, Danny boy.

Martha: Is that a threat George, huh?

George: No, you're a threat, Martha.

Martha: Oh, forget him, baby. George is such a crummy stupid bourgeois puke.

George: Be careful Martha. He's surely going to do us all in that's for sure. Just look at him. He’s got awfully mean-looking over the past year, after being in an insane asylum all this time, honey-bunch.

Danny: I’m man enough. Gimme the Vaseline.

George: In front of our guests?.
Martha: I can’t wait.

George: I’m used to sloppy seconds.
Martha: You’re used to anything, George.

Danny: Did you really think I was going to kill you?George and Martha? My own mother and father?

Martha: You, kill me? That's a laugh.
George: Well now, he might some day.
Martha: Fat chance. You kill me every day, George.

George: So, how are things in the Nut House?
Danny: Good. Better. Best. Bested.

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