Grease A Naked Peter Pan


—from “Tippy's Demise,” Stars of the Lid and 
Their Refinement of the Decline of the Year

“I’ve become obsessed with late 
Shakespeare because of his return 
to the outmoded, campy forms of 
romance and fantasy (which he had 
largely replaced with a sublimer type 
of tragic psychological realism) because 
I think he saw, with his infinitely wiser 
skill than anyone else’s, that tragic 
seriousness wasn’t sustainable. 
Depression just isn’t a tenable mode 
of living or art-making.”
—Adam Fitzgerald

It really didn’t take—
much to push me over
the edge into the sublime

After simply years—
and years of being rather
slimy about it, my dears

I couldn’t help myself—
the slimier the better
lots of cheesy smegma

He liked to see me—
shudder almost faint
as I swallowed it all

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