Wilde Boyz


—for Alex Dimitrov 

“True friends stab 
you in the front”
—Oscar Wilde

Naturally, my dears—
or perhaps Unnaturally
Oscar Wilde simply had
to make her Appearance

There she was as usual—
flaunting Dorian Gray as
the Epitome of Closetry
along with Miss Bosie

And there in the rather—
dated tres chic FASHION 
Section of old Grande Dame 
Miss NYTimes herself

She gave a reading—
from the YELLOW BOOK
and then she quipped 
about Great Britannia

“How absolutely boring”—
Miss Wilde cattily said
“The Closetry of all these
Str8t Poet Laureates”

“Not just the Brit dykes—
but also the new Cuban 
exile Hispanic Muy Macho 
USA Whitmanesque dude"

Bosie blushed while—
Benjamin Britten quipped
“God Save The Queen” &
“Fuck Parliament too!!!”

Philip Larkin shrugged—
“They’ll fuck you every
time, your parents and
all the rest of them”

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