Teenage Frankenstein


Frankenstein: “Speak. I know you 
have a civil tongue in your head 
because I sewed it back myself.”


Ygor resurrected me and brought me to the original doctor's son, Ludwig, for help. Ludwig, obsessed with the idea of restoring the monster to full power, was unaware that his various associates all had different ideas about whose brain was to be transplanted into my skull.

After Ygor brought me to Dr. Ludwig Frankenstein for care, Ludwig got the idea of replacing my current criminal brain, with a normal brain. But Ygor had plans of his own—he wanted his own criminal brain transplanted into my body. 

Ygor wanted to feel young and powerful again. He was tired of living in a gimpy, hunchback, crippled body limping all around the joint. He wanted to be young again and know the world with a huge muscular body like mine!!!

Elsa Frankenstein—
(Evelyn Ankers): “Father, 
who was that strange man 
I saw leaving the house?”

Dr. Ludwig Frankenstein—
(Sir Cedric Hardwicke): “Oh. 
No one of any consequence 
darling. A patient.”

Elsa Frankenstein—
“He smiled at me. A cruel smile.
It was dreadful.”

Dr. Ludwig Frankenstein—
“Well you know what my patients are. 
Don't let it worry you.”

[Ludwig sees Elsa's attention—
is on the diary of his father. 
He ushers her out of the room] 

Dr. Ludwig Frankenstein—
“Come along my dear. I must 
be getting down to the village.”

Pity me—I’m just a poor troubled—
Teenage minor Frankenstein Monster 
who enjoys these rare, classical horror
flicks but, apart from them, I’m seldom 
happy because we’re all Monsters

Along with Ygor for company—
in this world with its hoard of abstractions 
and reflections and counterfeits of itself – 
I’m just a pimply-faced Teenage Monster 
An awkward adolescent sleepwalker 

Just a Teenage Monster stalking the world—
A reflection of myself, indistinguishable from 
A Monster to the outside eye, getting borne 
Again out of sight in the Mob, resisting it, 
Trying to get by with life hiding unnoticed 

Dodging down alleys and sides streets—
breathing frantically and losing my bearings, 
pushing ahead outdistancing my shadow, 
leading my hateful pursuers thru a graveyard
until they catch up with me, and destroy me

They all look at one another askance—
knowing I’ve got the awful secret we all share
but can never ever talk about without screaming 
that we’re all doomed Frankenstein monsters
All of us nothing more than the Walking Dead

Chief Constable—
(Leyland Hodgson) “The Monster 
seems to recognize you, my dear
Herr Professor Doktor Frankenstein?”

Dr. Ludwig Frankenstein—
[referring to the Monster] 
“I never saw this creature... 
this man before in my life. 
I know nothing about him.”

I knew that the sign I’d—
asked for was just a little thing, a
passing nod of recognition, a mere
phrase coming back to me from my 
childhood like the veil of a Temple 
being drawn back for me to see

When I was struck by lightning—
I didn’t die but rather felt energized!!!
Ygor shouted in the storm: “The lightning!!!
It is good for you! My Young Frankenstein!!!
Your father was Herr Doktor Frankenstein, 
but your mother was the Lightning!!!”

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