Star Wars Death Star


“"The only way of discovering 
the limits of the possible is to 
venture a little way past them … 
into the impossible."
—Clarke’s Second Law

Many astute Earthmen—
Such as Richard C. Hoagland
Arthur Clarke, Joseph Farrell 
Carl Sagan &, Stanley Kubrik 
Have put 2 and 2 together

Luna, our cratered, sullen—
Moon hanging precisely in
Its strangely perfect orbit 
And Iapetus, battle-scarred 
Satellite of Ringed Saturn

Both are vast man-made—
Star War Death Stars... 
Once commanded by Earth
Back when our Ancestors
The Reptoid-Humans ruled

Pinpointing certain rather—
Inconvenient artifacts like
Cremo and Thompson did
Back 65,000 years perfectly
Coincides with The Flood

Was it a meteorite that—
Flash-froze the dinosaurs
Plunging into the Caribbean
Or was it the Cosmic War
Creating the Asteroid Belt?

When we study the tablets—
The ancient cuneiform texts
Like those in the Baghdad
Museum, the chronology of
The Cosmic War waits for us

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