Forbidden Science Fiction


“directed Panspermia had indeed 
brought the first living microorganisms 
organisms to this planet.”
—Francis Crick, Icarus (1973)

Directed Panspermia then—
Star Wars Death Star scenario?
Was Earth as Crick and Orgel
Proposed back in ICARUS (1973) 
Seeded by advanced civilization?

Did something go wrong with—
The Grand Experiment, did the
Seeding Program stumble on the
Innate warlike disposition of the
Haughty Snakeoid Reptilian Elite?

Did life originate from somewhere—
Beyond Earth and then get deliberately 
Brought here, by “someone,” Crick 
Asked—someone or something that
Transferred the fundamental DNA?

Too many insuperable chemical—
Problems for naturally forming DNA 
On ancient Earth as prerequisite 
To subsequently evolving even 
Simple one-celled organisms:

“… an honest man, armed with—
all the knowledge available to us now, 
could only state that in some sense, 
the origin of life appears at the moment 
to be almost a miracle…” Crick said

“So many are the conditions—
which would have to have been 
satisfied to get it going. Several 
orthodox explanations of the 
universality of the [terrestrial DNA] 
code can be suggested…”

“But none is generally accepted—
to be completely convincing. It is 
a little surprising that organisms 
with somewhat different codes do 
not coexist” Crick opined

“The universality of the code—
[on Earth] follows naturally from 
an ‘infective’ theory of the origin of 
life. Life on Earth as a CLONE
derived from a single organism”

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