Pulp Fiction Planet


“When Alexander the Great’s empire
was divided among his generals—
each of those dynasties commissioned
“official histories” of their new realms”
—Joseph Farrell, GENES, GIANTS,

The Babylonian priest, scribe and—
Historian Berossus whose BABYLONICA
Survives only in pulp fiction fragments
Cited by classical historians & priests…
Delving into his “official history” archives:

“There appeared men who were—
designed as hideous beings, some as
human above the waist while down
below they were hung like horses
which women and queens craved”

“Bred as handsome thoroughbred—
half-men half-equus, they were much
in demand with the local decadent 
denizens of the Lizard Planet who did
anything to achieve sexual pleasure”

“The woman Omoroaca which in—
Chaldaean is Thalatth or Thalassa in
Greek, had the hots for the endowed
Godz and when they gushed forth then
She mated with the Lizard Godz”

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