Art Deco Planet


“and so we return to Babylonia 
and search for the writings of
Sippara, which we are told not to
share with mankind”—Berossus

Which is what we did—
Heading straight for the Baghdad 
National Museum to commandeer
The ancient texts regarding that
Sophisticated Archo-Technology

Berossus refers to the creatures—
As of “two-fold principle” which 
Only means genetic engineering as
A sophisticated technology that
High Antiquity knew how to do 

Antediluvian Planetary History—
Technologically reinterpreted by
The usual Xisurthrus MICROSOFT
Queen Bees redesigning Archaic
Genetic engineering once again

But who wants to do that—
One Intergalactic War is surely
Enough, although all I have to 
Go with are the usual sci-fi Muse
Pulp Fiction tidbit fragments

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