Kept Monster


“...its a rather pleasant change 
when all your life you've had people 
looking after you, to have someone 
to look after yourself..” 
― Evelyn Waugh, Brideshead Revisited

Only of course it has to be—
someone pretty hopeless to need 
looking after some poor monstrous
creature such as a rather gimpy 
shambling Monster like me with 
all my various and sundry needs
like charging my ugly neck bolts 
regularly with Miss Voltage

I was tired of hiding from the—
Hordes of humans and the putrid
Posses hunting down us Monsters,
Mobs of mean Planet of the Apes
Haters of us Genetically Modified 
Others, we GMO innocent victims
of Baron Frankenstein’s helpless
Living Undead brought back to life 
by louche moody Mad Scientists

Where could I hide in fair weather—
being a helpless orphan of the storm?
I was in search of love in those days, 
and I hid in both full of fear and faint, 
my knowingly recognized apprehension 
that here at last, I might find that 
low door in the wall, which others, 
I knew, had found before me, which 
opened on an enclosed enchanted 
garden, which was close somewhere, 
not overlooked by any window, in 
the heart of this grey city

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