Getting Earthboyz Off


“Genetic engineering has become
something of a fascination within
the community of researchers
studying alternative, “Fortean”
phenomena and perspective on
history and ethics”—Joseph Farrell
“The Return of the Sirrush,” GENES, 

Heart and liver and kidney—
Transplants are nothing new to
Medical Science and now they’re
Even talking about Head transplants

Stem cell research and development—
Sounds like antediluvian deja-vu when
It comes to Gigantomachy & Giants
Jacking off the gods and decadently
Creating Giants, Monsters & Klones

After all, what do Bored Intergalactic—
Gods do to entertain themselves when
Ditched on some two-bit crummy so-so
Planet but to enhance their Forbidden
Sexuality with big-dick Gigantomachy?

It’s breathtaking stuff the sophisticated—
Boredom of a Super-Race to dilly-dally
S/M Enuma Elish with well-hung guys
Glorifying in Terrestrial Size Queenery
Can you imagine the jaded sexuality? 

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