Fallen Giants of Eden


“In early Greek art, giants were
imagined as quadruped monsters,
huge ogres or primitive strongmen
with serpent legs to symbolize 
their earth-born nature”—Adrienne 
Mayor, The First Fossil Hunters

Gigantomachy plays a role in the—
Various myths about the war between
The Greek gods and Titans or Giants
The usual Exo-Pantheon Politics but
That’s not the way I came to know it

Using the same “Paronomasia”—
Exo-translation technique of the
O’Brien Kharsag Tablets of the 
Anunnaki Texts, I had this dream
Standing around some Hindu guys

It is, I suppose, a rather tacky—
“Secular paradigm” Exo-translation 
Of this huge handsome Giant who
All of us were standing around
Admired by all these wise-men

I didn’t need the Kharsag Tablets —
Nor all that Anunnaki textual spin
Because I was totally turned-on
By the Young Giant’s huge Penis
Worshipped by all his faggy Priests!!!

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