Young Grendel


“The way the sky does
when heaven’s candle
is shining cruelly.”
—Seamus Heaney,

The gross acts that young—
Grendel commits are so
terrible & transmogrifying 

Transforming himself into—
whatever butchy stud he
can get off late at night

Lurking behind the—
Mead Hall for drunken
troops and house-guards

Peeing their brew—
beneath glowing Aurora
Borealis Northern skies

Transmigrating himself—
from one brutal proud prick 
to another Hrothgar stud

Sucked dry by the monster—
greedy for each cumly squirt
and heaved-up spermy wad

Such is his stroke and—
monstrous suction that all
that's left is a corpse

Their swords wilted into—
gory icicles, slathering and
thawing like the frost


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