Behind the Mead Hall


“like emanations from 
some fissure in the 
bedrock of the human 
capacity to endure”
—Seamus Heaney

Alone with his longing, going down—
on the local young drunks peeing in
the back of the King’s local pub

Haunting the local mead halls—
looking for a young Beowulf stud
erect like the Stonehenge ruins

Nothing can help not even—
J. R. R. Tolkien or Seamus Heaney
or bamboozling Ted Hughes

It’s the misery endured by any—
man who’s fallen in love with a
teenage Viking’s Grendel schwanz

Night after night he cruises—
having no interest in living thru
another stupid boring epic

The guys behind the mead hall—
louche young lounge lizards 
let him grovel for Grendel

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