Two Ditzy Queen Bees

Marion Lorne and Athena Seyler 


“She is Cinderella, the creature…
the shining-haired, the starry-eyed, 
the ruby-lipped virgo aeternis, of 
which there is presumably one, and 
only one, or a one-and-only for each 
male, whose dream is fixed upon her 
perpetual possession”—Phillip Wylie, 
Generation of Vipers 

It’s hard to say which Queen Bee—
is more the penultimate Dominatrix?

The “Momism” meme so dominant—
so domineering in American noir…

Is it lovely doting Marion Lorne—
Bruno Anthony’s tres ditzy mother

Giving him morning manicures—
luxuriating in his swank bathrobe?

Simply awfully spoiling Robert Walker—
in Hitchcock’s STRANGERS ON A TRAIN?

Putting the make on young tennis players—
propositioning guys in the art of murder?

Or is it Athena Seyler the queen bee—
behind her wicked son Julian Karswell 

The devil cult leader causing all sorts of—
demonic distress amongst British academe?

Handsome, debonair Dana Andrews—
soon arrives to straighten matters out

Only to be whisked away to a séance—
set-up by ditzy Karswell’s mother

And what a crazy séance it is—
even more ditzy than Athena Seyler

Sing-song voices outta the past—
table-tapping, things whacking

The Other Side seems to be full of—
ditzy demonic campy charlatans

Even Peggy Cummins's sports car—
a Sunbeam convertible Alpine Mark I 

Seems to be cursed by the demons—
with a strange license plate NLJ 666

Nevertheless Julian Karswell is—
full of entertaining magical tricks

Conjuring up a terrible windy storm—
in the middle of a picnic for kiddies

His grand mansion paid for my his—
frightened poor minions of followers

Offers Dana Andrews some scares—
in the dark middle of the night

As well as playing games with him—
optical illusions in his hotel halls

All sorts of weird special-effects—
even better than Hollywood tricks

Plus a scary iridescent scintillating—
devilish thing that descends down

On whoever possesses a runic spell—
scribbled on a piece of parchment

Like those foreboding Stonehenge—
curses engraved on the tall Stones

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