Curse of the Demon


“Upright, rudimentary, 
shapeshiftingly pricked
in the long ago then,
yet erectly forward”

“It has been written since 
the beginning of time, even 
unto these ancient stones, 
that evil supernatural creatures 
exist in a world of darkness. 
And it is also said man using 
the magic power of the ancient 
runic symbols can call forth 
these powers of darkness, 
the demons of Hell.”
—Curse of the Demon (1957)

I sucked him off during the—
Stonehenge summer solstice
just as the sun was rising

I got my young Druid pagan—
off once, twice, three times
it made up for Beanfield

He leaned up against one—
of the tall stone monoliths
erect Easter Island stud

Runes glowed in the dawn—
Anglo-Saxon cum was mine 
Beowulf weak in the knees

Seamus Heaney the poet—
nodded approvingly at my
testicular translation

The Empire ejaculated—
just like Ted Hughes did
I crave Poet Laureates

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