Grendel's Hell


“I move down through 
the darkness, burning 
with murderous lust"
—Seamus Heaney, Beowulf

My mother's the Devil's—
own Monster Hell Bride
brooding on her wrongs

Forced to love Adam—
bringing forth the 
sullen brood of mankind

Then exiled from the—
Garden of Eden taking me
her son Cain with her

But not before she has—
me kill her youngest son
Able my own brother

Branded as Outlaw—
I'm marked for good
having murdered Adam’s son

Turning into gross Grendel—
horrible monstrous creature
doomed forever Outsider

We move thru the wilds—
the cold depths, shunned by
human company and joy

Damned infernal Dominatrix—
and her killer brooding son—
taking revenge on mankind

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