Erotics of Composition


“The erotics of 
composition are
essential to the 
Heaney, Beowulf

The Spear-Danes—
in these troubled days 
full of great courage

Aboard their sleek—
fast longboats along
the coasts and currents

Surely there is—
no hanky-panky on
these Viking crafts

Altho one might ask—
if such close quarters
provoke butt-fucking?

Seafarers sighting—
sunlit cliffs, sheer crags
and looming landfalls

Down the gangplank—
bow churning in surf
war-gear in the hold

The clash of mail—
the thresh of gear
rigged out for combat

Sailing the sea-lane—
steep-hulled ships
disembarking on shore

The homoerotics of—
Beowulfian composition
butchy verse-craft?

Curved prows to—
preen more than just
mighty sea waves?

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